In Panama’s western province of Chiriqui, near the Costa Rican border, lies the palm tree-lined tropical oasis of Coconut Beach – a private paradise on the shores of the majestic Pacific Ocean.

The Coconut Beach Community offers an opportunity to invest in a residential community in a unique geographical setting, which includes “the best beach available in the area”, and an abundance of natural wildlife and tropical greenery that you will be able to enjoy throughout the development.

Imagine looking out your window, or relaxing on your terrace viewing the beautifully spaced palm trees . . . Where your private kilometer-long beach awaits . . . across the small flowing river, spanned with private bridges strategically-placed along the entire length of The Community.

“A river runs through it !”

You have never seen a beach property like this with such unique geographical features we know you will agree. A beautiful palm tree-lined beach that could not have been landscaped more perfectly. Plenty of shade AND space between to lounge, play, ENJOY ! As if that weren’t enough, Mother Nature elegantly wove a small, natural flowing river ever-so-delicately separating ocean from community.

We invite you to discover Coconut Beach Community . . .

“The best available beach living opportunity on Panama’s Pacific Coast of Chiriqui.”