Surrounding Area

The incredible ecological diversity of Panama’s Chiriqui Province is so easy to enjoy, due to its relatively small geographical area with good, safe roads throughout. It’s quickly becoming famous to travelers around the world, and offers the homeowner a whole new definition of “Living in Paradise”!

Some of the highlights and important places “in the area”…

Davíd (dah-veed’), less than 1 hour away from Coconut Beach Community, is one of the fastest-growing cities in Panama and the country’s second largest. Once a small farming and cattle crossroads for the entire vast and fertile Chiriqui Province, it retains its casual charm throughout its growth. Here you can find friendly people, low crime rates, and ALL the amenities you could possibly desire, with more coming all the time ! Including:

3 High-quality hospitals with mostly American or European-trained bi-lingual professionals;
Various medical clinics with nearly all “specialty practices” available;
2 Five-star hotels, many mid-range options and a growing collection of B&Bs, hostels and “vacation rentals”;
A selection of large, modern, well-stocked grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, etc.;  
A wide variety of restaurants and shopping...from “local favorites” with meals under $5 to gourmet dining!

                NEW International Airport !


The Enrique Malek International Airport has recently completed a large expansion that will now enable more International flights, assisting future growth of the entire area. 

The airport currently has multiple flights per day from Panama City as well as San Jose, Costa Rica. From this beautiful new airport you are less than an hours’ drive to Coconut Beach Community. 

Soon you will be able to fly DIRECT from the U.S.!

Boquete, the internationally famous mountain resort location is originally the coffee-growing center of Panama and “just up the hill” from Davíd. This once hidden “cloud forest” community sits in the crater of an ancient volcano and displays a climate not surprising to the altitude: Cool, moist, cloud scattered, often misty. It’s a great place to visit, golf, hike, zip line, tour coffee plantations or have a “spa day”, etc.

Concepción, only about 40 minutes from Coconut Beach Community on the InterAmerica Highway, is a fast-growing, slow-moving, quaint little town at the crossroads to Volcan (one of the many fascinating mountain communities nearby). A little larger than Puerto Armuelles, Concepción has just about everything you need, if not the variety or sizes of stores you can find in David.

TIP: For a truly beautiful drive head up the road here and maybe take in the pre-Columbian ruins and museum at Barriles, continuing on to Volcan and Cerro Punta, where more than 90% of Panama’s food products are grown !

And don’t forget Costa Rica . . .
This “most efficient border crossing in all of Central America” is also a DUTY-FREE Shopping Zone and only about 25 minutes from your beachside home.   (Your friends will envy the fact that you can enjoy beach community living, equal to any in Costa Rica at about half the price AND still enjoy visiting there so easily ! )