Panama has been described as one of the best places in the world to live, and one of the most attractive travel destinations on earth. A magnificent natural environment, pleasant climate, political stability, a solid economy, and favorable tax laws are keys to making Panama a perfect choice for both tourists and investors . . . whether retiring, working, raising a family, or as a vacation home.

“It’s like Costa Rica…with great roads!"

The country of Panama may have been “behind the tourism curve” for awhile…but it’s more than catching up and even surpassing its famous rival-neighbor. And as far as economic, social and cultural development it’s always been far ahead ! From the fast-paced, culturally diverse city (see below) to the slow-paced and culturally RICH indigenous peoples, living in protected areas throughout the country, the vibrancy of life is full and exciting here.

And with a “First World” infrastructure, including great roads throughout the country, it’s easy and safe to ENJOY this geographical & cultural variety. Where else can you see two oceans from one point ? (Volcan Baru in Chiriqui) . . . One of the world’s most amazing engineering accomplishment (The Panama Canal) . . . Cloud forest coffee plantations and orchid orchards within one hour of beautiful beaches, deep-sea fishing and protected marine environments (Boquete to the Gulf of Chiriqui).

TIP: To Panamanians, Panama City is simply referred to as “Panama”.

Panama City is fast becoming “The Crown Jewel of Central America” and easily the most cosmopolitan! It’s a vibrant international city with a diverse population that boasts a modern skyline rivaling Miami, Hong Kong, or even New York City. Here you can enjoy any type of cuisine, duty-free shopping, musical and artistic presentations to entertain any “New World” tastes and the charm of a truly “Old World” culture (“Casco Viejo”, a World Heritage Site).

And the city keeps growing and improving ! The bayside “Cinta Costera” roadway, with its beautiful parks and architectural accents, makes travel through the city smoother AND more pleasant. It will soon continue around “the old city” and the new subway will offer many citizens even easier transport. The new BioMuseum, designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, will be finished soon and highlight Panama City with yet another internationally recognized reason to visit.

Traveling to Panama is easy and usually direct from most major cities in the world. Tocumen International Airport (PTY), on the eastern edge of the city, is one of the most advanced airports in Central or South America and is the hub for many international flights offered by American, Copa, Delta, Taca, Iberia, Spirit and others. You can fly DIRECT to Panama City from many North American airports: Miami = 2.5 hours, Dallas, Houston or Atlanta = 4hrs. Washington, DC = 4.5 hours, New York City = 5+ . . . There are also direct flights from the West Coast that take about 6 hours. NOW AVAILABLE from CANADA: Toronto direct = 5 hrs. !

From Tocumen Airport you can take a taxi to the “national” Albrook Airport (nice way to see the city!) for your one-hour flight to Davíd.

NEW International Airport in Davíd! 
                            … near Coconut Beach Community.